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Your Manuka Honey Is Worth Every Penny: Here’s Why!

Worth the price tag?

Manuka honey is often associated with its multitude of nutritional benefits, but the price tag often comes to mind as well. As compared to its regular counterparts, the price of manuka honey may seem pretty steep. Ever wondered if it’s really worth the price? We argue that it definitely is. Read this article to find out why manuka honey is worth every penny.

extremely rare product manuka honey new zealand

#1 It’s An Extremely Rare Product

To start to account for the higher prices of manuka honey, we need to go back to the very origins of manuka honey. As compared to your regular honey, manuka honey can only be produced in New Zealand. This monofloral honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the manuka flower. The fact that the Kiwis are the exclusive producer of this miraculous product drives up its price.

Furthermore, the manuka tree grows only at an altitude, wild in high country farmland, making it difficult for beekeepers to access. Additionally, there is a narrow window when the Manuka flowers are in bloom, only between 2 – 8 weeks per year, depending upon the season.  As the Manuka tree can be temperamental, weather conditions can greatly impact and limit the time that the Manuka flower is in bloom, making the season and total harvest very limited in years of poor weather.

takes time and effort to produce manuka honey

#2 Time And Effort To Produce Manuka Honey

Producing manuka honey is no mean feat. Honey manufacturers have taken centuries to perfect the art of collecting honey produced from the precious indigenous flowers in New Zealand.  It takes almost 4 months for a new beehive to begin to produce honey. On average, 22,700 trips from hive to flower then back would be required to fill a single jar of honey. Since manuka trees are found at high altitudes, the beehives are not easy to access. Helicopters are commonly used in the honey collecting process. Thus, the transportation cost for beehives is high. Even the process of extracting honey from the hive as humanely as possible requires lots of effort. Processing the honey after extraction also takes time. Beekeepers must control the temperature at which the honey is strained, to retain as much of the honey’s beneficial properties as possible. All this time and effort does add up!

many health, medicinal benefits

#3 A Crazy Number of Health, Medical, and Beauty Benefits

Manuka honey has so many benefits that it’s almost hard to count. The most commonly known benefits of manuka honey are its antibacterial and medicinal properties. This makes it suitable for treating wounds or addressing bad coughs. It is also incredibly tasty and can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can even be used to treat acne or as a skincare treatment. Lastly, you can even use manuka honey for your hair! With so many benefits and uses, manuka honey is an all-rounder. You’re paying for all of these miraculous benefits in a single bottle!

lasts for a long time no expiry

#4 Lasts For A Really Long Time

Theoretically, manuka honey doesn’t quite expire. If stored under the right conditions, your manuka honey can last for ages! There are 3 key things to note when storing honey: keep it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight in an airtight container. Find out more about storing your honey here. Manuka honey remains good to consume for extended periods for several reasons. Firstly, it contains very little water, preventing the survival of bacteria. Its acidic nature also prevents the growth of microbes. Lastly, the enzymes that give manuka honey its antibacterial properties also help to preserve it! Manuka honey’s ‘indestructible’ nature really

standardized testing

#5 Standardized Grading and Certifications

Regular, store-bought honey has no standardized grading system for you to understand its properties. Manuka honey, however, can be graded according to its Unique Manuka Factor! The Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association bestows a quality trademark upon manuka honey and works with growers and producers to inform the public about the product’s benefits. Independent companies grade growers’ manuka honey samples under laboratory conditions. The UMF grading system is the real deal! John Rawcliffe, a spokesman for the UMF, believes the honey should have the same kind of regional protection as Champagne. You’re paying for the assurance that your manuka honey is top-notch and has all the spectacular benefits that you’re looking for.

Get Your Manuka Honey Today!

We hope these 5 reasons prove to you that manuka honey deserves its reputation of being called ‘liquid gold’. Try out our authentic, UMF graded manuka honey here today!


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