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Honey is a sweetener and you can use it as an addition to all kinds of food. Below are a few ideas of using honey.

  • Sweeten your dressings or marinades with honey.
  • Substitute maple syrup with honey for your pancakes and waffles.
  • Add honey into your coffee or tea.
  • Mix honey with yogurt, cereal, porridge or oatmeal to enhance its taste.
  • Consume honey by spreading over toast or bread.
  • Stir with warm milk before bedtime.

Consuming Honey Straight from The Jar

The above uses can be used for all kinds of honey. However, when you purchase higher grade honey, such as our manuka honey, it is better to eat the honey directly from the jar for best effects. Simply, take one tablespoon of honey before meals. You can take it in the morning once you wake up. Premium honey is easy to consume straight from the jar, without being too overly sweet. Let the honey settle in your throat for some time and you can drink some water to wash the honey down.

Honey for Medicinal Uses

Honey is a natural food product and often linked to its medicinal benefits. Mostly known uses are to prevent allergies and to treat cold or sore throat. However, the honeys used should be 100% natural honey, e.g. Manuka Honey. 

Treating Cold or Sore Throat with Honey

Simply take a teaspoon of honey straight from the jar. There is no need to over consume, you should be able to feel its effect quite quickly.

Alternatively, you can add honey to warm water. The warmness will soothe your throat, while the honey will ease discomfort and increase your immune system. You can also add lemon juice to this mixture to create the famous honey lemon drink.

Take honey before bedtime to help suppress nighttime cough. Drink it with tea such as chamomile and caffeine free tea to help with sleep. 

Preventing Allergies with Honey

You need to purchase honey that is made in your area. Honey in your area will contain traces of pollen that you will come in contact within your area. When you consume small traces over time, it will acclimatize your immune system to the pollen and prevent you from having allergies symptoms. 

Note: Honey is not recommended for children under 1 years old as honey may contain botulinum endospores that may cause infant botulism, a rare form of food poisoning that can cause paralysis.

Do not mix honey with boiling liquids as it will kill all the antimicrobial properties of the honey.


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