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Honey With The Best Taste and Nutrition

Honey straight from the hive with no added Sugar, Flavourings and Preservatives. 5X Money-back guarantee if honey is not 100% Natural, Raw and Pure.

Looking For A Presentable Gift?

Simply choose from the wide range of honey and leave your personalized message in order notes during checkout. All orders come with a wooden spoon. Honey is a presentable and premium gift for any ocassion.

The Complete Range Of Premium Honey

Whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to your home pantry, a high-quality ingredient, or the perfect corporate gift, look no further than Manuka Paradise, Singapore’s Honey Shop. We provide honey of different floral origins, from award-winning Forest Honey all the way to the best and rarest UMF 20+ Manuka Honey. All our honey is 100% natural straight from the hive, you will taste the difference. 

Naki Manuka Honey Bread Spread

NAKI Manuka Honey

NAKI Honey produces 100% New Zealand wild mānuka honey. Bringing to you the top 2 Manuka grading, UMF™ 15+ and UMF™ 20+. A rich, complex, and aromatic honey that is awarded Gold At London Honey Awards. Their honeys are sourced solely from the Taranaki region and each bottle of honey exceeds the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) grading system for mānuka honey. Get your hands on one bottle now!

Pouatu Manuka Honey Raw

Pouatu Mānuka Honey

Premium boutique Manuka Honey Beekeeper that focuses on quality and taste. All their Manuka Honey is Single-Sourced from only one location, The Forgotten World. They are an award-winning brand at the renowned Apiculture New Zealand 2019 and 2021 competition as well as the London Honey Awards. You are sure to get one of the best quality Manuka Honey possible. Only 100% Pure, Raw, and Natural Honey. UMF 5+, 10+, 15+, 20+ and Forest Rewarera Kamahi Honey available.

Thyme Honey Singapore honey shop

Mouriki Greek Honey

Mouriki is a Premium Greek Honey with a wide selection of honey. They have won many awards from honey competitions such as the Mediterranean Taste Awards, London Honey Awards, and Taste Olymp Awards. It comes with a presentable design made with silk printing. Greek honey is known to be one of the best-tasting honey in the world. Only 100% Pure, Raw, and Natural Honey. Thyme, Pine, Oak, Heather, and Chestnut honey are available. You are sure to get the best here.

Ebion Oak Tree Honey

EBION Organic Greek Honey

EBION is a beekeeper that follows nomadic beekeeping. They are located in the mountainous areas of Arta away from pollution. They are organically certified. EBION only harvest and sells what they produce so you can be sure of its quality. 100% Natural, Raw and Pure honey. Oak, Autumn Heather, Red Fir, and Arbutus Strawberry Tree Honey is available. Check them out now!

How To Choose Your Honey?

Honey that is 100% Pure, Raw and Natural is very healthy. The honey is made by bees going to the flowers to collect nectars. The nutrient of the honey is very dependent on the type of flower nectar it goes to and a different plant species will produce a honey of different nutrient content. The nutrients of the honey are easily justifiable with a lab report on the honey.

What Honey Should You Take?

Which honey for you? For overall health benefits, we always recommend taking different honey to get a wide range of nutrients. It’s like eating different fruits daily. One excellent way is to have 7 different honey for each day of the week. Every morning you make a different honey drink and your body benefits differently each day.

What’s The Best Way To Consume Honey?

The best way to eat raw honey is directly or with water. The serving size is 1 teaspoon. Every morning, mix it with room temperature water and drink on empty stomach. A cup of honey is always a healthy and refreshing drink.

Are You Looking For The Most Authentic Honey Shop?

Can You Differentiate Good and Bad Honey?

Our honey experts have been tasting honey from all over the globe. We can say that honey is like wine, there is good honey to great-tasting honey. Manuka Paradise only stocks up on the best premium great-tasting honey.

What's Better Than Being Recognised Internationally?

The brands we carry are award-winning brands in international honey competitions like the New Zealand Apiculture Conference and London Honey Awards. We are proud to bring to you these top-quality honey. If you want the best choose us!

Finding A One-Stop Honey Shop?

We have multi-floral honey to the highest grade UMF 20+ New Zealand Manuka Honey. We accommodate all budgets, choose from our forest honey, UMF 5+ or UMF 10+ for the affordable range. While choosing from UMF 15+ or UMF 20+ for the very best. We also carry the best honey from different countries and regions around the world.

What Do You Feel About Premium Honey At Affordable Pricing?

Our high-grade raw honey can easily fetch premium pricing in the market. However, our main aim is to share with everyone the enjoyment and benefits of these jars of honey. We are a bunch of honey enthusiasts that is keen on bringing the best honey from all over the world to you!

Testimonials & Reviews

I have started to rely a lot more on natural ingredients with proven benefits. Honey tops the list I must say. My search for a great honey led me to discover Manuka Honey Singapore called Manuka Paradise.

Rainbow Diaries Logo

Rainbow Diaries

“We tried the Pouatu Manuka UMF 15+ and UMF 20+. It tasted less sweet and more concentrated compared. to normal Honey. … In terms of classification, Pouatu Manuka Honey can be considered as raw honey.”

The wacky Duo manuka honey review

The Wacky Duo

“Mother Earth UMF 10+: As the concentration of MGO goes higher, the honey takes on a hint of medicinal complexity in its flavour. But this is still roundly floral in fragrance.

Pouatu UMF 20+: now this is the most thick and creamy of all four, with a very fine grainy texture It also tastes quite different from the Mother Earth honeys. It’s less sweet but more heady with a tinge of peaty bitterness? Like the whisky of honeys.”

Camemberu Blog


They even have a full refund policy. You just need to inform them within two days of delivery and explain why you’re not satisfied with your order. … As expected, the delivery was prompt and hassle-free. … All three bottles were protected by bubble wrap. And with a thoughtful Thank You note from the company.”

scribbling geek blog review

Scribbling Geek

Was delighted to receive a box of high quality Manuka Honey all the way from New Zealand. … Am well impressed that they managed to tie up with such impressive Manuka Honey producers in New Zealand. …  Truly delightful. And guess what? All Pouatu Manuka Honey is tasted and examined by a professional Honey Sommelier – who knew that profession existed!

Lilbluebottle Blog

Lil Blue Bottle

Isn’t A Honey That Has Been Graded By Honey Experts Better?

New Zealand Apiculture Conference
pride-print Competition award
London Honey awards
Chestnut Mediterranean Awards Packaging Design

Ways To Use Honey

Beauty For Manuka Honey


Do you know that Raw Honey is used to create facial and body products? Having a teaspoon of honey a day can also provide antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage to your body. Check out our blog for making your own DIY Honey face mask. 

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey


Honey’s anti-bacterial effects are well-known. But do you know how nutritious honey is? Depending on the floral source, it provides different nutrients. The best way is to take a teaspoon of a different honey every day. 

Sweet Treat Manuka Honey


Pour it over pancakes, bread, salad, yogurt. Dip it with nuts or cheese. Just don’t put our 100% Raw honey over hot food, high heat will damage the beneficial components in the honey.

Honey Specialty Shop In Singapore

We bring to you the best honey from all over the world. We only source for Raw honey that is 100% Natural. What you are getting is a promise of quality. Manuka Paradise is at your service!

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