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The Essence of a Forgotten World

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Best Manuka Honey In Singapore

From A Place Time Forgot

Rugged. Remote. Pristine.

The Forgotten World is unspoiled by man, a sanctuary for our bees and a perfect environment for creating one of the world’s finest single-sourced honeys – Pouatu Mānuka

Obsessive About Quality

Our small group of craftsmen and craftswomen share the pursuit of the utmost quality. 

We personally manage every part of the process from land care, to hive management, to harvesting and packaging. 

All Pouatu Manuka honey is independently laboratory tested and UMF accredited. Pouatu Manuka also works closely with a professional Honey Sommelier to taste and examine each batch. 

Flavours For all Palates. Variants For All Occasions.

Pouatu Manuka Display

Pouatu Manuka Is Different

Pouatu is truly single-sourced.

We don’t blend from regions around New Zealand. Our intention is to capture the flavour of one place – the Forgotten World.

We sell only what our harvest provides each season; quantities are strictly limited.

The translate to unrivaled taste. Here at Pouatu we pursue a subtle, gentle flavour profile with a smooth, velvety texture and finish.

Pouatu Manuka Honey Raw

100% Raw and Unpasteurised Manuka Honey

Pouatu Manuka’s aim is to provide the best Manuka Honey to their consumers. They harvest their hive by only filtering to 600 microns to remove any unwanted bee parts and debris. While maintaining temperature to not more than 37 Degrees C. which is the temperature of the hive itself! This ensures that beneficial nutrients in the honey are not lost. The Manuka honey you are getting is straight from the hive, 100% natural and raw. Pouatu Manuka craftsmen and craftswomen share the pursuit of the utmost quality. 

UMF Certified Manuka Range

Our flagship mono-floral honey (only nectar from the Manuka tree) range is a unique expression fo the Forgotten World. With a slight nutty herbal aroma, the palate exhibits subtle woody smoky melt-in-the-mouth notes reflecting the terroir.

Unlike other traditional dark Manuka honeys, Pouatu is a pleasing light amber in colour.

Available in several UMF grades including UMF 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+

Manuka Honey

The Essence Of A Forgotten World

Pouatu Manuka Farm

About Pouatu Mānuka

Pouatu Manuka is a boutique honey company from New Zealand’s Taranaki Region in the central North Island. 

Home in an isolated paradise called Tangarakau, within the Forgotten World. Surrounded by native forest, the property has been passed down through the generations to our head beekeeper Simon Faull and his family. 

Pouatu Manuka is named after a nearby prominent landmark, Mount Pouatu, Pou meaning an important marker and Atu referring to an offering.

A dedicated team that loves what they do. That extends to supporting the local community and guardianship of the land, ensuring the health of Manuka trees and bees for future generations.

Pouatu manuka honey truck

Best Manuka Honey In Singapore

Award Winning Pouatu Rewarewa and Kamahi Forest Honey


Pouatu Manuka Forest Honey

A Taste of Wilderness.

We also recommend trying our multi-floral forest honey that consists of a combination of nectars from two New Zealand native plants, the Rewarewa and the Kamahi.

How often can you get to try an Apiculture New Zealand award-winning honey product?

You Found Us. The Forgotten World.

The forgotten world highway pouatu Manuka Honey

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