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Leptospermum scoparium  which is commonly known as Mānuka or New Zealand Tea Tree is a small tree or shrub found around New Zealand. The Manuka Plant is known as tea tree as early pioneers used their leaves and bark to make tea. Manuka is a resilient plant which is able to grow in dry and wet places. When the tree is fully developed, it can withstand long droughts and frost. 

What does Manuka Tree looks like?

Manuka Tree Flower

You can find the Manuka Tree all over New Zealand. Simply look for a shrub that is shorter than 5 meters that has small spiky leaves and very dark branches. During summer and spring, the plant has pretty flowers that can be white or pink in colour. 

Manuka Honey

When talking about the Manuka Tree, we always think about Manuka Honey. This is because Manuka Honey is made by honey bees that obtain the nectar from the Manuka flower. Manuka Honey is highly prized for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties are present because manuka honey contains methylglyoxal.

Manuka Honey is often used to help heal burns, cuts and acne. It is used to soothe sore throat by taking a spoonful of honey straight from the bottle. Apart from these, there are many other uses of manuka honey

Be aware that there are many who claim to sell manuka honey but are actually not selling real manuka honey. You should check that the bottle has a seal certifying a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). With this certification seal, you are sure that you have obtained a high quality manuka honey. Real Manuka Honey must only be from New Zealand exclusively.   

Manuka Oil

Apart from the manuka nectar. Manuka oil is also very useful and is used in many different scenarios.

  1. Scent of Manuka Oil is used for aromatherapy.
  2. Good for relieving stress.
  3. Help body and foot odour by adding a drop of oil in a pail of water.
  4. Oil is used as a disinfectant.
  5. Pest deterrent, ants and other insects do not like the smell of the oil. 
  6. It can also prevent moulding in certain fabrics when used in laundry.

Manuka Wood

Manuka wood is used to make tools like hammer and axes. Like any other wood it can also be used for firewood. The manuka sawdust is often used to smoke fish and meat to yield a delicious flavor.


Manuka tree was once treated as a weed in the past. However, it is now an important tree for New Zealand. It is used for ecological restoration due to its resilient nature, allowing the trees to grow in extreme climate. The presence of these tree allows them to prevent soil erosion and allows more plants to grow under their shade. Manuka tree acts like any other trees out there which helps improve the environment and benefit mankind.


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