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Manuka Paradise

Raw, Natural and Pure Honey

Wide Variety of Honey

Honey Singapore Selection

Forest Honey Singapore

Forest Honey

Our most well-liked honey by many due to its delicious taste and aroma. It is perfect for pairing with most food options. Made from a combination of New Zealand native plants, Rewarewa and Kamahi nectars.

Heather Honey Singapore

Heather Honey

A strong tasting honey with a deep flavour. Considered to be one of our more potent honey. Heather flowers has a beautiful pink colour. Honey is semi-crystallised with a gradient of liquid and solid honey.

Thyme Honey Singapore

Thyme Honey

The most famous honey in Greece. It is known to be the nicest tasting and smelling honey out there. A light-tasting and refreshing honey. Yes, it is made from the thyme plant you use for cooking.

Chestnut Honey Singapore

Chestnut Honey

A honey for a daring soul. The taste is said to be like rubber tires. Some say it is bitter. However, it is one of our most mineral-rich honey. Perfect for health-conscious individuals. Made from the flowers of the chestnuts tree.

Oak Honey Singapore

Oak Honey

One of our best selling honey. A super thick honey with moisture percentage of only 14%. Naturally dark in colour with a taste like persimmons. Eat directly neat from the spoon for the full experience.

Red Fir Honey Singapore

Red Fir Honey

The honey that is suitable for all palates. Red fir is a kind of honeydew honey, made mainly from tree sap instead of nectar. Harvest above 800m elevation. Honey has crystallised which made it great as a bread spread.

Oak Tree Honey Singapore

Oak Tree Honey

Nice and special-tasting honey with multi-layers of flavour. Naturally dark in colour similar to our other Oak Honey collection. Honey is made from oak leaves and acorns. A honey unlike any honey you try before.  

Autumn Flowers Honey Singapore

Autumn Flowers Honey

Harvested in the autumn, only from autumn flowers, heather, ivy, and strawberry tree. Rich is floral taste, a favourite among children. Honey is currently in a butter texture, absolutely smooth and tasty.

Strawberry Tree Honey Singapore

Strawberry Tree Honey

The most special honey in our opinion. It is slightly bitter, with a minty aftertaste. It is known to be the most bitter honey in the world. For those who do not like it too sweet, this is for you. This is the Mao Shan Wang of honey.

Spring Heather Honey Singapore

Spring Heather Honey

Spring heather flowers are white in colour and very susceptible to climate change. A rarer honey that is harvested with only spring flowers. Honey has fully crystallised, is great to be used in smoothies or as a biscuit spread. 

Send A Gift

Honey Gift Box

Get Well Gift

Honey is a great gift for your loved ones that is unwell. It helps to boost the immune system and provides nutrients to heal faster. 

Birthday Gift

If you're looking for something presentable and special, honey is a great option. Each gift box comes with an information card on the honey and a wooden spoon.

Congratulatory Gifts

We deliver straight to your recipient's doorstep. No matter what occasion, sending honey is like sending liquid gold. It symbolizes wishing you all the best!

Honey added to chicken dish

Include honey in your diet

The best use of honey is to replace sugar. The flavour of honey is one main difference it has from sugar. Putting sugar in your smoothie is different from putting honey. The layers of taste in honey are not possible to replicate. Try adding honey to your dishes and you will taste the difference.

chestnut and pine honey on toasted banana bread

Buy Raw Honey

Our honeys are carefully sourced from all over the world. They are traceable to their source. Don’t risk getting fake honey, choose from our wide range of authentic honey. There is definitely something suitable for you.

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Health benefits of honey

Raw honey is taken as food by bees themselves. Can you imagine how nutritious is it? Being made from plant nectars, honey is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and medicinal benefits. Apart from its excellent flavour, use it for your overall wellness. 

How to Choose Your honey?


Choose Quality

Make sure the honey that you are getting is Raw honey. You do not want the honey to be pasteurised or heavily filtered. You need to know the beekeeper and where the honey comes from, you do not want a low-quality commercialised honey.


Health Benefits

All of our honey is healthy for overall wellness. Different honey from different trees has its own specific benefits. Some a great for cough, anemia, gastric, etc. If you’re planning to take honey based on its benefit then focus more on this aspect.


Taste and Texture

We use our four senses to “eat” honey. See, smell, taste, touch. Every type of honey is different in these 4 attributes.  Some may be darker, some are more herbal tasting, etc. You can check out our articles on the review of the different types of honey we carry.

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