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MOURIKI Chestnut Honey


Chestnut honey is an intensely aromatic honey, with a strong taste as well as moderate sweetness. It has a strong antimicrobial effect, helps the gastrointestinal tract, speeds up blood circulation and is a very good tonic for the body thanks to its high nutritional value in trace elements and amino acids such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and tannins due to the tree of chestnut.

No added sugar, flavorings and preservatives.

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Mouriki Chestnut Honey

A kind of honey that is especially rare as far as its flavor and taste is concerned, connected with a unique quality is the Chestnut honey. Its production requires the beehives to be moved to a natural beauty forest in Mount Athos (Halkidiki). Chestnut honey is full of amino acid, trace minerals, potassium and magnesium.
It has dark brown colour and high dietary value for the human. They are available in a limited quantity.


100% Pure, Natural, Raw Greek Honey.

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