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EBION Organic Raw Oak Tree Honey

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  • Ebion Oak Tree Honey and All Ebion Honey Is Wild, Raw, Untreated, and Certified Organic.
  • This Oak Tree Honey is collected from the Ancient Xiromero Oak Forest in the Balkan Mountains of Greece.
  • Biodiverse and Rich, many consider Ebion Oak Tree to be the most powerful honey in the World
  • Ebion Honey is as close to Wild Honey as possible as the Ebion Process is not a commercial process; the bees are not controlled but rather set free
  • NO Sugar, Flavourings, Preservatives.

Certified Organic by DIO. 31SM2 – LT 213.

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Ebion’s Oak Honey comes from the fruit of the oak tree. The bees collect it from leaves and acorns and turn it into honey in the hive, exchanging it one to another for long durations which enriches it with enzymes and vitamins.

Oak Tree honey is harvested in the ancient Oak Forest of Xiromero in the Balkan Mountains of NW Greece at an altitude of about 500 meters. Ebion’s Oak honey is particularly rich in antioxidants. It’s very thick at room temperature, has an intense savory aroma and a deep caramel-black tone.

Ebion’s raw organic Oak Tree honey is truly one of a kind in a world of many pretenders. It is collected by the Ouranos family of beekeepers in Arta, Greece. The Ouranos family practices nomadic beekeeping by moving the mountain beehives and maintaining diversity. The more time the bees get to exchange the honey, the higher the quality, the lower the moisture, the deeper the taste, and the more packed with vitamins and enzymes. The low moisture content makes it thick, not drippy, which is a quality you should always look for in a top-grade honey.

To learn more about the medicinal and antibacterial benefits of organic raw Greek honey, be sure to review the study in the Journal of Medicinal Food (J Med Food 16 (1) (2013) entitled “Antibacterial Activity of Greek and Cypriot Honeys Against Staphlyococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Comparison to Manuka Honey”. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Honey at Manuka Paradise is very different and genuine, only 100% Raw, Natural and Pure honey of the best quality!


100% Pure, Natural, Raw, and Organic Certified Greek Honey.

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