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Mouriki Premium Greek Honey

Nomadic beekeeping for us is a way of life, expression & culture.


Constantly evolving our beekeeping equipment, while respecting the traditional practice of the Mourikis Family, we envision continuing to produce beekeeping products with the same passion and love as our father did 60 years ago, but putting our own stamp and identity in a modern world. which is constantly evolving but thirsty for pure and traditional products with GREEK IDENTITY AND VALUE.

Following the traditional practice of nomadic beekeeping with good techniques that respect the environment and the bee itself, we get from Greek nature honey and other beekeeping products. After many years of experience, we transfer our bees to mountains, forests and meadows, rich in flowering, protected from human intervention. Starting from Messinia (where our apiary spends the winter) we reach Thassos and from Central Macedonia to Central Greece, we transport our beehives per season and flowering for the hunting of the sweet treasure of nature (called MELI).

Mouriki Chestnut Honey


Chestnut honey is an intensely aromatic honey, with a strong taste as well as moderate sweetness. It has a strong antimicrobial action, helps the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, speeds up blood circulation and is a very good tonic for the body thanks to its high nutritional value in trace elements and amino acids such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and tannins due to the tree of chestnut.

Chestnut Honey Awards

Mouriki Pine Honey


Pine honey has a slightly dark color. It is rich in phenols & trace elements such as calcium and magnesium, has antibacterial action against microorganisms & strengthens the body’s defenses due to the powerful antioxidants it contains.

Pine Honey Awards

Mouriki Heather Honey


Heather honey is characterized by its orange-red color and its full but slightly bitter taste as well as by its buttery texture. It has a very high protein content compared to other varieties of honey. It also has the highest concentration of phenols. Thanks to the minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins of the B complex it contains, it has a high amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Heather Honey Awards

Mouriki Oak Honey


Oak honey is a dark honey with a special, rich and full taste. It has many antioxidant properties, contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. Due to the enzymes it contains, it enhances the metabolism and the functions of vital organs. It is refreshing, beneficial for the heart due to the high level of potassium it contains. Helps digestion and shields the immune system.

Oak Honey Awards

Mouriki Thyme Honey


Thyme honey has a light amber color, unique taste and a special rich aroma. It has a variety of tonic and antiseptic properties, great nutritional value & is rich in minerals such as copper and iron. In Greece, thyme honey is considered one of the most popular and beloved varieties of honey.

Thyme Honey Awards

Mouriki Premium Greek Honey History

In the early 1960s, Anastasios Mourikis at a young age, begins his first steps as an amateur next to a great professional beekeeper of the time and is introduced to the world of bees.

Mouriki History

After 2 years of continuous training in the art of beekeeping and having gained experience and knowledge in the secrets of the profession, he acquires his own beehives and establishes his own beekeeping unit.

Mouriki History

In 1978, his wife Fotini Mourikis also entered beekeeping, contributing to the development of the now family unit.

They have 4 children, of whom, the youngest, Panagiotis, born in 1987, from a very young age is nurtured with love for the bee, acquires very early images and stimuli from nature, gets acquainted with the wonderful but at the same time strange (scientific) world of bees, is trained in the art of beekeeping and a little later, finishing school and military service, takes over the reins of the beekeeping unit where until then numbered 300 beehives.

With diligence, zeal and impeccable technical training, our unit has reached 2,500 beehives today.

Mouriki History

The need for modernization of our beekeeping unit (both in terms of equipment and maximum quality assurance) made us create a new, state-of-the-art, privately owned unit – packaging plant in Stefani, Boeotia, which meets all modern standards of legislation with the ultimate goal of the final product that reaches the consumer to be of excellent quality, so that the customer continues to show the same confidence in the name of the Mourikis Family as it has been doing for 60 years now.

Mouriki History

3 years ago, in 2017, Maria Mouriki, Panagiotis’s sister, acquiring the basic knowledge of beekeeping, also actively enters the family business.

Mouriki History

Undertakes the promotion of our products and contributes to the dynamic development of our unit.

Mouriki History

We wish the Mourikis Family to always be one step ahead of the modern market trends and the need of the time for innovative products.


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