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Precious Naki Manuka Honey, UMF Certified & Award Winning.

Pure New Zealand gold class Manuka honey from one of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations, Taranaki. A supreme superfood that is unprocessed, untainted, and unbelievably delicious. The Naki team is thrilled to be able to share the treasures of this land with Singaporeans.

Manuka is known as the “Queen of Honeys.” Genuine manuka honey can only be found in New Zealand. Those who consume Naki™ honey understand that the best Manuka can only come from one region: Taranaki.

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Eat, Better, Honey.

Naki Manuka is widely regarded as being cut from a different cloth. Filled with natural antimicrobial properties, beneficial enzymes, and compounds. You will enjoy the silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture of honey harvested from a faraway paradise.

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From the terroir of the Naki to you.

The Taranaki is an agricultural & surfing epicentre of NZ; centred around an ancient volcano, this microclimate is home to vast tract of lush Mānuka bush as well as a coastline which is home to the Surf Highway 45, both abundant sources of secret spots revered not just in NZ, but internationally for their respective qualities.

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We own our production line

At every step, Naki™ honey’s quality is thoroughly monitored & optimised. We hold a UMF certification & our proudly connected to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Taranaki


Hives located deep in Taranaki backcountry where bees feast on wild Mānuka.


Honey boxes taken to Naki’s extraction facility.


Mānuka is then put into Naki jars along a processing line and a QR code is attached.


Customers can then scan their individual bottles of honey & get chemical tests & information on their beloved jar of Naki.

Naki Honey Process


Naki beekeepers retrieve the hives (sometimes using helicopters).


Tonnes of delicious Mānuka is put into barrels and also sent away for chemical analysis & tests.


Naki honey is then exported from here to our valued clientele around the world.

We own our production line

At every step, Naki™ honey’s quality is thoroughly monitored & optimised. We hold a UMF certification & our proudly connected to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Taranaki

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Land, Treat It With Respect.

Agricultural Custodians

We help craft nature’s perfect food

Our most important work is to preserve the land, the hives and, of course, the honey. We let the bees do the rest.

We are a pioneering and passionate family-run team and our honey is quickly getting recognition both here and abroad. From the land to the hives and from the beekeepers to honey extraction, every aspect of our operation is within our control. It’s our way of ensuring quality, purity and a commitment to upholding quality control. We don’t just buy our honey off a honey farm like many other brands.

Today, Naki Honey is a name synonymous with pure New Zealand honey and is shipped around the world representing one of the highest standard available in this market.

Naki Honey Custodians
Taranaki Naki Honey Mountain

Fertility: The secret to our success

Beneath the iconic silhouette of Mt Taranaki, an iconic product is being buzzed into life.

A place of generous rainfall, rich volcanic soil and unrivalled fertility, Taranaki is the perfect location for Leptospermum scoparium, also known as mānuka, also known as heaven for bees.

Centuries ago, volcanic activity deposited rich nutrients to create vast, dense swathes of mānuka stands. Naki Honey holds a parcel of this mānuka-covered land, largely untouched by humans and untroubled by rival flora or interference from cultivated crops and the chemicals that come with it. Here, the bees feast exclusively on mānuka nectar and from this comes pure mānuka honey.

With a light touch and as little interference as possible, we bring the incredible properties of the fertile Taranaki region to you.

Family Ethics

Naki Honey is a boutique, family-run honey operation in the stunning coastal region of Taranaki in New Zealand’s North Island.

In 2014, Brett and Lorinda Mascull embarked on a bold venture to purchase a large parcel of remote land in the Taranaki backcountry. This wild and almost inaccessible land was covered in a prolific local native species, Leptospermum scoparium, also known as mānuka. The mānuka honey industry was in its infancy in those days. The couple’s decision to place beehives on their land was underpinned by a firm belief that this hardy native species would produce something special.
Naki Honey Family

With foresight and perseverance, the couple navigated the challenging and controversial early days of mānuka production in New Zealand. All the while perfecting their craft and developing innovative ways to extract, bottle and test the precious honey to the highest standards. Today, Naki Honey emerges as one of the most innovative and respected producers of mānuka honey in the world.

The second generation of Masculls now plays their part, working in leadership roles in the family business to maintain quality and guardianship as the company grows.

Behind the Mascull family is a deep love for their home of New Plymouth in Taranaki. Brett, Lorinda and the family are never far from their next outdoor adventure in the surf, the hills or the bush. It is this connection with the land that shapes their deep understanding and respect for honey making. They know Mother Nature is at the helm, and they are her humble supporters.

Manuka Honey

Pure, Raw, Mānuka Honey Straight From The Mānuka Plant To You

Only here in the Taranaki backcountry does a unique type of wild mānuka grow undisturbed by other introduced species, chemicals or farming. Each year, precious mānuka plants flower for a short time, and the bees get to work. Mānuka honey production is strictly limited, making every jar of Naki Honey a limited edition.

To access the full benefits of mānuka, seek out raw mānuka honey free from pasteurisation and interference from other nectar.

Manuka White Flowers
Naki Manuka Honey Jars

Nature’s perfect healer

The unique properties, methylglyoxal (MGO) and dihydroxyacetone (DHA) found in mānuka honey make it prized as a potent natural healer.

Honey derived from mānuka growing in the Taranaki region boasts additional antimicrobial activity, above and beyond what is found in other types of mānuka honey.

Proof of Naki Honey’s potency and purity is in our UMF™ certification, high MGO content and the famous Naki taste.


Naki Manuka Honey UMF 15+

Naki UMF™ 15+ Mānuka Honey

Ingredients: 100% wild New Zealand Mānuka honey.

Naki Honey UMF™ 15+:A step up from our 12+ manuka, this Gold Class honey offers even greater levels of purity and potency. Savour the mineral-rich, herbaceous tones perfectly balanced with sweetness and creaminess. Enjoy a honey that not only tastes good but is good for you.


  • 100% New Zealand wild mānuka honey
  • UMF™ 15+
  • A rich, complex, and aromatic honey
  • Awarded Gold At London Honey Awards
  • Sourced solely from Taranaki mānuka
  • Exceeds the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) grading system for mānuka honey
Naki Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Naki UMF™ 20+ Mānuka Honey

Ingredients: 100% wild New Zealand mānuka honey

Naki Honey UMF™ 20+: Our most prized honey and a powerhouse of potency and purity. The 20+ represents the highest grade of mānuka honey available from our Taranaki hives. A stronger, earthier flavour and that famous “Taranaki tang” is sure to delight the senses. A medicinal strength mānuka honey that can be eaten or used topically and is sure to leave you wanting more.


  • 100% New Zealand wild mānuka honey
  • UMF™ 20+
  • A rich, complex, and aromatic honey
  • Awarded Gold At London Honey Awards
  • Sourced solely from Taranaki Mānuka
  • Exceeds the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) grading system for mānuka honey

About Mānuka Honey


Take daily as a health supplement or enjoy it as an addition to meals and drinks. Mānuka’s antibacterial properties make this honey suitable to use topically.

Naki Honey consists of the land, the beekeepers, beehives and the bottling factory. Because of this, we ensure an unbroken chain of quality from pollen to the pot, and you receive a mānuka honey full of healthy goodness


Pure Mānuka Guarantee

Every pot of Naki mānuka honey is traceable back to the hive. It’s our guarantee that any honey bearing the Naki name is pure and authentic.

Naki Manuka Honey Interior

Manuka Honey Facts

Let’s Get The Facts Straight

Not all mānuka honey is equal, even when it bears industry-certified grading or badges. Uncertified mānuka honey can vary in its purity and is likely to be blended with other botanicals. To ensure the quality of mānuka honey, check where the honey comes from, who has made it and the UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) and DHA rating. The higher the rating, the better the honey.
Naki Manuka Honey Bread Spread

How Do I Know It’s Genuine Mānuka?

Bees collect nectar from flowers for food. Bees are free to fly to whichever flowers they choose to collect nectar and take it back to the hive. Because of this, it is highly likely that a hive that produces mānuka honey could also be mixed with other nectar. This is more likely when beehives are located in areas where a variety of floral plants grow.

To ensure that honey labelled as mānuka actually contains significant levels of mānuka, the New Zealand government sets criteria for testing the authenticity of monofloral and multifloral mānuka honey. Find out the definition of mānuka honey as set out by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries here.

Real mānuka can be measured for its level of methylglyoxal (MGO) and dihydroxyacetone (DHA). The higher the level of these properties, the higher the level of antibacterial activity available in the honey. Independent testing verifies the levels of these compounds found in our honey to ensure it is what it says it is.

It’s not just independent accreditation and testing that verifies the purity of our honey. Naki Honey hives are immersed in a region so remote that we access the area by helicopter and the only pollen available for kilometres is mānuka.

Naki Honey is a honey that is abundant in antimicrobial and antioxidant elements and rich in DHA, which preserves the condition of the precious methylglyoxal levels. Mānuka’s ability to retain this potency makes it sought after as a therapeutic for wound management and healing, among other ailments. Today, the use of mānuka honey to treat wounds as well as digestive and immune issues is more than anecdotal (or one of Grandma’s home remedies). Mānuka’s antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties are verified by scientific analysis, and its ability to provide beneficial support for healing is accepted by conventional medicine.

bees-honey-produce Naki Manuka Honey

Understanding UMF™

UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) is the internationally recognised rating system that gives you the reassurance you are buying quality mānuka honey from a licenced producer. UMF™ references the natural antiseptic hydrogen peroxide produced when the bee harvests the nectar, as well as levels of MGO, DHA, and Leptospermum found in the honey.
UMF Logo Naki Honey UMF Logo 15+ 20+

The UMF™ rating of our honey ranges from 12+ UMF™ to 20+UMF™. This number signifies the level of beneficial compounds found within the honey. We produce honey with lower levels of mānuka because not everyone needs or wants the higher strength mānuka (20+). Whatever UMF™ rating you choose, you can be assured that Naki Honey’s mānuka is of the purest quality and is all derived from our hives situated amongst Taranaki’s wild mānuka plants. Check your honey.

For more information on the quality and Methylglyoxal levels required for UMF™ grading,
read about the UMF™ grading system for mānuka here.

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