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Honey Tasting For Members

We provide free honey tasting for members. If you have not created an account do create it here. Join us as we immerse you in a world of honey. Learn more about honey and get to taste more than 10 different honey varieties.

Honey Tasting Experience

1. Understanding Honey

We will spend some time to bring awareness to the kinds of honey available in the market. How is honey being made, characteristics of honey, benefits of honey, how to choose your honey, and more…

2. Tasting Honey

We will let you taste more than 10 different types of honey. From our most prized Manuka Honey to the most bitter honey in the world, the Strawberry Tree Honey. We will share with you each of their benefits, their origins, and their taste profile. You will then taste the honey and savor the layers of flavor.

Arrange A Honey Tasting Session

As a member, you can have an unlimited tasting of our honey at our shop. You will need to contact us to book a slot as we need to assist you with the tasting.

Non-member honey tasting sessions cost $30 per session. Being a member, you can taste them for free. Create your account here.

If you’re interested to know more about honey you should definitely join us. It is a light-hearted honey-tasting experience, if you’re a foodie, you should join us too. If you have a sweet tooth, join us as you get to try the different flavors of nature’s sweetener. If you’re looking for something that can improve your overall wellness, join us. If you have a slight interest in honey do join us as you will be exposed to the world of honey.

What is a better way than personally seeing, testing, and tasting the different varieties of honey? You can also ask questions and learn more about honey from our honey experts. After this experience, we are sure that you will appreciate honey differently.

Honey The Overlooked Healthy Food


We realized that honey is not well appreciated in Singapore. It is actually comparable to wine but Singaporeans have very little awareness of it. We believe that this is partly due to the emergence of Fake Honey. When people think about honey, they only associate it as a sweetener. However, the variety, usage, and benefits are actually not known to the consumer. In other parts of the world, honey is a part of a daily diet. Of course, this is only done with 100% Raw, Natural, and Pure Honey.


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