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Delivery Schedule

Our fuzzy worker bees work hard to get your Manuka Honey to your doorstep in 2-5 business days. Business days exclude Sundays and public holidays.

Free delivery for all orders! 

Order Timeline

1. Day 0, order is made. 

2. Packing of order on Day 1. 

3. Courier Pick-Up on Day 2.

4. Delivery on Day 3. 

No delivery on Sundays, Public Holidays. 

Note: This delivery price is only relevant for the main island of the Republic of Singapore, and excludes other offshore islands, airports, and army camps.

Specific Time-slot Delivery

If you need our team to deliver your honey on a specific day, or at a certain time, please let us know. Just contact us with your postal code to check on the delivery pricing.

500% Money Back Guarantee

If the honey you receive is not 100% Natural, Raw and Pure we will refund you 5x the amount purchased. This only applies to honey purchased from our website. There is no sugar,  preservative, or flavorings added to the honey. The honey is not pasteurised or heated to a high temperature. It retains all the goodness of the honey straight from the hive to your table.

A misconception is that when honey is named Blackcurrant honey, consumers assume that blackcurrant flavorings are added to the honey. However, the reason it is named blackcurrant honey is that the bees collect nectar from the blackcurrant plant. It is 100% natural, raw and pure, as taken straight out of the hive. Only some filtering has been done to remove any bees, wax, and debris. What you get is the essence of a blackcurrant plant.

Halal Certification

100% Natural, Raw and Pure honey does not require Halal Certification. This is confirmed by MUIS Singapore. You may also contact MUIS to double confirm. Honey at Manuka Paradise has no sugar, flavorings, or additives being added. We pursue the highest quality in our honey.

Halal Certification Confirmation

Manuka Paradise Member

If you do not have an account yet join us here. Members of Manuka Paradise are highly valued. Below are the perks of being a member.

  • Get exclusive member discounted pricing.
  • Get firsthand notification of new honey for early-bird sales. 
  • Unlimited free honey tasting at our shop.
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We are creating a member club of honey lovers to come together to taste the best honey from all over the world! 

What are the expiry dates for your honey?

Honey itself does not have an expiry date, with proper storage methods honey can last forever. This is because the water content in honey is very low, coupled with the sugar content as a natural preservative that helps to keep bacteria out. Archeologists, unearth an Egyptian tomb, what they found are Olive Oil, Wine, and Honey. However, only the honey is still edible. It belongs to the Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb. This shows how valuable honey is in the past being buried with a King, and it also shows that honey never expires if it is stored properly. 

The basics of storing honey are to cap back the lid after using it. Place in a cool and dry environment away from sunlight. Always use dry utensils when scooping the honey.

When honey gets into contact with water, naturally occurring yeast in honey will cause the honey to ferment. This is why you should always use a dry utensil when in contact with honey.

However, we provide Best Before Dates according to food legislation requirements. Different honey from different countries has different Best Before Dates, they range from 1 year to 3 years.

Monofloral Honey is not harvested all-year-round, it really depends on the environment. For example, if you are trying to get Thyme Honey. You need to know when will the flowers of the thyme plant bloom so that the bees can collect nectar from the Thyme flowers. It goes by season, and when it is a season, a heavy storm could wipe out all the thyme flowers. Resulting in lower honey yield for the whole year. 100% Natural, Raw and Pure Honey is very susceptible to the weather as we are unable to alter nature. We can’t tell the plants to flower earlier or later. We can only hope for nature to be kind to us.  

Honey never spoils with proper storage method.

If you want to know the exact best before dates do contact us

Crystallisation Of Honey

If you want 100% Natural, Raw, and Pure honey that retains all the goodness and essence of the plant, it will likely crystallize, depending on the nectar source. Honey is a complex carbohydrate composed of mainly simple sugars, mostly fructose and glucose in a varying ratio depending on the nectar source. All these sugars are natural from the plant’s nectar. No sugar is being added.

When Fructose is in greater quantities than Glucose, it promotes crystallisation.

Other disaccharides have been found in honey such as sucrose, maltose, maltulose, kojibiose, and turanose. Oligosaccharides including erlose, theanderose, and panose are also found in honey. These are formed during the honey ripening process in the hive as they are mixed with enzymes from the bees.

Some consumers prefer crystallized honey as it has texture and acts as a healthy sweet treat. If you are mixing with water to drink, then the crystallization would not affect you as it will dissolve in water after stirring. 

If you want your honey back to its liquid state, put it at a temperature of less than 40 degrees celcius. Do not overheat the honey or you might damage the honey.

Crystallization is a naturally occurring phenomenon in 100% Natural, Raw and Pure Honey.

Checking of Orders

Head on over to your “ACCOUNT” page and log in to view past and active orders. You need to create an account during checkout. If you did not create an account do contact us for any matters in regards to your order. We will be happy to assist you!

Bulk Discount/Wholesale Rates

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing on corporate and bulk purchases. Connect with the Manuka Paradise worker bees to learn more today.

While we’ve done our best to answer as many of our most common queries as possible, you’re welcome to contact us any time if you couldn’t find the answer you were searching for. We’re always happy to lend a helping bee’s knee!


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