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EBION Organic Raw Honey

EBION Organic Greek Honey

EBION honey is an Organic Certified honey producer in Greece. Their honey is harvested in the mountainous areas of Arta. They keep their honey quality high by only selling their own productions. They do not blend honey from different regions. They are true to the source. Their honey is also 100% Natural, Raw and Pure. You will often see pollen and sediments in the honey because it is so natural. One interesting honey they produce is the Strawberry Tree Honey which is bitter and not for everyone. Their honey often changes with each season and each type of honey is limited only to what they can produce. We are very lucky to have grabbed some of their remaining available stock to share with you. No amount of words can describe their honey unless you try them!

Honey Tasting Experience

Limited Honey Range

All types of honey are in 500g glass jar sizes. 

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Different Types of Honey EBION Produces

Spring Heather Reiki Honey

It is one of the most important beekeeping plants, as it helps the bees to grow out of the winter. Flower honey extremely tasty, of great nutritional value, rich in vitamins.

It is harvested from April to May depending on the evolution of winter. Its pollen is very tasty and is considered one of the most nutritious collected. Crystallizes immediately after collection.

Red Fir Honey

It is harvested at an altitude of over 800 meters in June with favorable weather conditions in mountainous Arta. The prolonged summer rains, the heat waves and the cold stop the honey bee of (Kefallinian) Fir.

Thick honey, rich in proteins, amino acids & trace elements, particularly tasty does not crystallize. It may contain flower honey, mainly spring heather (the bees have grown in it before their transfer to the firs), as well as raspberries, wild strawberry, honeysuckle, wild oregano, etc., due to the rich beekeeping flora of the area, as well as chestnut, the whose honeycomb coincides with the end of the fir.

Honey won first place at the BIOLMIEL 2009 exhibition (Italy) in its category.

Chestnut Honey

It grows on its own at an altitude of over 600 meters. Blooms June – July after rains.

Very high temperatures and rainfall interrupt its honey production. Honey and pollen of very high nutritional value are collected (honey is a combination of flower honey and honeydew).

Its color varies from light brown to dark, very rich in trace elements (potassium, barium, magnesium, manganese, etc.), with a particularly strong taste and aroma.

Autumn Heather Reiki Honey

It blooms in the semi-mountainous Arta (300 – 500 m.) In October. Prerequisite for success in its honey bee is the rains of September and the lack of NW winds and rains during it. Flower honey with intense aroma and taste, deep red color, great nutritional value, crystallizes in a month after harvest.

Arbutus Strawberry Tree Honey

The honeycomb of the arbutus follows that of Heather and often harvested together. Its honey also has a strong aroma and corresponding nutritional value, light cream color and intensely bitter taste.

Rich in trace elements and vitamins, tonic for the bees themselves, which is why they collect it intensively, it crystallizes before the end of the month. Accompanies ideal drinks as well as gourmet gastronomic approaches.

Try A Jar, Bee Amazed

All types of honey are in 500g glass jar sizes.

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