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100% Pure Natural Raw Honey From France

The pure natural raw honey harvested and canned by small farmers in Alsace, France, is extracted by low temperature centrifugal extraction, adheres to the 60-year tradition, and completely retains the most original and pure sweet taste

London Honey Awards
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Geographical Indication Protection Mark IGP

Geographical Indication Protection Mark IGP

Roman honey has a protected geographical indication mark (French: Indication Géographique Protégée; abbreviation: IGP), an EU certification mark designed to protect a specific product and promote its uniqueness, with a transparent and impartial institution linking origin and traditional production The process of certification enables consumers to trust and differentiate high-quality products. IGP honey must comply with the following regulations:

  • High quality
  • Does not contain any imported honey
  • Does not contain any additives
  • Moisture content must be less than 20%
  • Not to be heated or processed to change the basic composition or quality of the honey
  • Chemical or biochemical treatments must not be used to alter the crystallisation of honey

Currently, there are only 3 regions where French honey registered in the EU is IGP certified, and Romain honey is one of them. Since 2005, as a member with the IGP mark, we follow strict and specific traditional norms for collection and production. Honey with the IGP mark is regarded as a high-quality product with a delicate and unique flavor and taste. Consumers can use this mark as a basis when purchasing, and enjoy pure natural honey from the country of origin.

Savourez I'Alsace Produit du Terroir

Savourez I’Alsace Produit du Terroir

Taste the real food from France – Alsace! Originating from the persistence and passion of small farmers for quality, this seal is only used for agricultural specialties in the Alsace region of France, in order to allow consumers to clearly identify and assist small farmers to promote their products. The guarantee of this seal includes:

  • Raw materials 100% from Alsace
  • Products processed in Alsace contain at least 80% Alsatian raw materials
  • Full transparency of product origin and traceability, regularly monitored and controlled by an independent agency

The Roman honey with this label provides consumers with the guarantee of direct delivery from the French origin to the table. While constantly innovating, it brings the gastronomic tradition into life and fully presents the true flavor of Alsace.

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