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Buying Honey Singapore

The Worst Thing That Can Happen Is Buying Fake Honey.

How do we choose the best authentic honey from around the world? Why is our honey the best in terms of its taste and nutrients?

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Sourcing for great honey manuka paradise

Honey is made when bees collect nectar from the flowers surrounding their hive. Using this nectar the bees do their magic, flap their wings to evaporate the water from the nectar and it becomes honey. So what makes the honey quality good?

We identify a good nectar source

If the nectar is very nutritious, the honey made will be packed with nutrients as well!

The whole climate affects the quality of honey

We make sure that the honey is created in an environment where there is fertile soil so that the nectars can be nutritious. We make sure that the area is free from pollution, far away from civilisation, so that the honey is as pure as possible. The honey that we carry are nutritious, great tasting, and absolutely natural. Imagine consuming honey that contains all sorts of pollutants.

Like Wine, Like Honey

The idea is similar to how wine from certain regions is better than the rest.

You can definitely taste and feel the difference with our carefully selected premium quality honey.

Beekeeping Skills and Harvesting Honey Singapore

This is another important factor that affects the quality of the honey

It is the skill of the beekeeper! Bad harvesting methods can damage the honey or result in low-grade honey. You might not even know that the honey you are consuming is actually an inferior one.

We conduct in-depth checks on beekeepers harvesting methods

Only if a beekeeper harvesting method is correct, we will work with them. As long as any harvesting process is done wrongly, we will not consider them. This strict quality check is why our customers put 100% trust in our honey. What you get is quality.

Unheated honey is harder to harvest, but better

Unscrupulous beekeepers heat the honey to high heat so that it becomes more liquid and easier to extract. However, it damages the honey. We maintain the honey at no more than the beehive’s temperature of 34-36 Degrees Celcius and will not rush to harvest the honey. We ensure that no nutrients are lost. Our nutritious honey will contain, vitamins, pollen, antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals just like scooping it straight from the hive.

Our Honey is minimally filtered

When you try our honey, you will notice that there are some residues in it, that is how natural the honey is. We only filter large debris like wood from the hive or bees in the honey. If you’re looking for something really pure, natural, and nutrient-dense then our honey is for you!

Choose Authentic 100% Raw, Pure, and Natural Honey

Best Way to consume honey singapore

How to consume honey correctly?

The benefit and nutrients of the honey comes from the type of plant the nectar is from. For example, Manuka honey will have its benefit from the Manuka plant. While Oak Honey will get its benefit from the Oak tree.

Different Honey, Different Benefit

Each type of honey is different from another. It is like comparing apple vs orange. Both are different but they are all good for you!

 Like Fruits, Like Honey

Just like fruits, it is recommended to consume different kinds of fruits. This is similar to honey, you should consume different types of honey to reap their benefits.

 The Best Way To Consume Honey

Get different jars of our Raw, Pure and Natural Honey. Take a teaspoon of honey from a different jar everyday. This ensures moderation and also varies your honey intake which allows you to get different nutrients and benefit from the different types of honey.

Honey can last forever with proper storage!

Get 7 Different jars Today, one type per day!

Manuka Paradise Honey Singapore

Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong honey

When you buy from us, we provide a money-back guarantee that the honey you are getting is 100% Pure, Natural, and Raw.

Leverage On Our Expertise

We have spent years researching and trying out honey from all over the world. We also do scientific analysis of our honey to know the honey better. We help you to filter out the bad quality honey.

 Honey That is nutritious

With the proper selection of honey, you can be sure that our honey is very nutrient-dense. Antioxidants, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes are not lost, but present in our honey.

Honey that is great tasting

Do you know that good quality honey has multiple layers of taste? There is a different taste at every step of consumption. A taste when you put it in your mouth, a taste when you hold it in your mouth, and an aftertaste after you swallow. That is the difference with our honey.

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Storing Honey Like A Pro

You can safely open all bottles of our honey for your daily consumption as they can last for a long time. Just follow these steps.

1. Handle your honey with only dry utensils.

2. Keep honey away from sunlight and heat.

3. The colder the better for honey. You can refrigerate or freeze the honey, however, the texture will be harder than leaving it at room temperature.


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