Honey Dipper


Our food-grade wooden honey dipper allows a slow and steady flow of honey compared to a spoon. The honey dipper stick can be used for an easy serving of honey. No more dripping honey and making a mess! See below for a description of how to use the honey dipper.

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How To Use A Honey Dipper

Step 1: Dip the honey dipper in the honey at an angle.

Step 2: Cover the honey dipper with honey. One method is to continue twisting the honey dipper until the dipper is fully coated with honey.

Step 3: Twist the handle while taking the dipper out of the honey. If you continue twisting the dipper no honey should fall from the dipper. You can also walk around the house while twisting the dipper and no honey will drip!

Step 4: When you are going to use the honey. Simply stop twisting and let the honey fall. Move the honey dipper to where you wish your honey to go. It will have a slow and even flow like a golden honey waterfall.

Step 5: Once you’re done releasing the honey, start twisting the handle again to stop the flow.

There you have the proper technique to use the Honey Dipper.



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