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Romain’s Forest Honey | MIEL DE FORÊT


The best forest honey that perfectly blends the essence of French mountain wildflowers and fruit treesThe perfect combination of nectar and tree nectar, at the same time, it has a strong wild woody aroma and the charming aroma of flowers and fruits in the mountains. It combines nectar from varieties such as fir, linden, and chestnut, as well as acacia nectar and grape nectar in the forest. The essence of fruit tree honey contains more layers in both taste and aroma, making people unforgettable after tasting it.

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Flavour Profile

Forest Honey | MIEL DE FORÊT Flavour Profile


  • Moderate sweetness, smooth taste
  • The color is amber with a clear yellow color
  • Combining woody, delicate floral, and fresh fruity aromas
  • Rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins, rich in nutrients, and antioxidants. Help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Beneficial for respiratory problems and digestive tract problems, enhance immunity

Recommended method of use

  • Eat directly
  • Mix with water, not above 45 degrees Celcius
  • Spread on bread, fruit/add yogurt, cereal, and ice cream.


100% Raw Natural Pure Honey from France Alsace.

Geographical Indication Protection Mark IGP and Savourez I’Alsace Produit du Terroir. Genuine product from Alsace, France.

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