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Honey Gift Jar


This Honey Jar comes with a honey dipper for easy usage. Perfect for a gift paired with a bottle of Manuka Honey. It is made of thickened glass coupled with a diamond outer shape which gives it a very luxurious feel. A great addition to your pantry, convenient to use, simply scoop the honey with the honey dipper, and when you’re done, cap it back.

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How To Use

Before using, wash the honey dipper jar once. Make sure that it is dried out completely before adding any honey to it.

Take note that Manuka Honey is very sensitive to sunlight, as this is a glass bottle that is transparent, keep it in a cabinet, or place it somewhere away from sunlight after usage. Best to keep in a dark, dry, and cooled environment.

Our Multifloral or Forest Honey is not as sensitive to sunlight as Manuka Honey, however, we would still recommend keeping it in a dark, dry, and cooled environment.

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